Receiving Fast and Effective Customer Support

We know there's almost nothing customers want more than lightning-fast responses to their questions. You may recall our customer success options from the sales/contract process (described here), but our goal is to always do even better for you. Of course, if you have live event support, you can expect responses within minutes or less to your questions, but when it comes to general setup and training, there are a few tips we have for you that will help us help you faster.

Provide Supporting Information and Media

With a system as comprehensive as PheedLoop, nothing slows down the support process more than receiving a question like "Why isn't my session loading?". Our support team is left scratching their head, wondering what event, what session, what's not loading, where isn't it loading, etc. Without context, we have to engage in a lengthy back and forth to try and extract the information we need to even figure out what the problem is and replicate it. If we can replicate an issue, we can give you the best answer possible because we can test the solution first, or if it's a product bug (albeit very rare), our engineers can test a fix.

  • Full-Screen Screenshot - A picture really is worth 1,000 words for us. Full-screen screenshots are critically important because they allow us to get even more context about the browser, operating system, etc.
  • Relevant Links - Provide any URLs that you believe we should be looking at to replicate the issue. It's not enough to say "my website is broken", because we may not know what website you're talking about.
  • Detailed Information - Using the help widget instead of direct email helps a lot with this, but provide us with your event's name/URL, and any other supporting information. Asking about a session or exhibitor for example? Tell us their precise names.
  • Quick Video Capture - If a picture is worth 1,000 words, a video is 10 times that. If you believe a video can help us better understand the question you have, we suggest using Loom to rapidly record a video and send us the link.

Use the Help Widget in Your Dashboard

One of the easiest things you can do is use the widget in your dashboard to send us a question instead of emailing us directly (we'll still respond via email, of course). The beacon doesn't only deliver your question to our inbox, but it also gives us critical details that it captures during the process like what event you're currently managing, what link you're currently at, and more. This allows our team to act much faster in their attempt to replicate the issue or question and provide guidance.

Attend Daily Live Webinars

Join us daily for amazing customer success webinars where we run live Q&A with dozens of customers at a time, share tips, and run detailed demos. If you're looking to level up, need fast answers to questions, or simply want to hear what fellow event planners are thinking, these webinars are for you. Visit this link to register as often as you like, we really encourage this.

Use the Knowledge Base

Well, this one's easy because you're already here! This knowledge base is full of information, and we're constantly adding to it. Try searching for an answer here first, we think you'll be pleasantly surprised. We are working on a major knowledge base upgrade in 2020 due to the influx of virtual events, so we appreciate your patience as we get every article up to speed.

Sending Urgent Requests

If you need urgent support during a live event and you have live event support (virtual or on-site), this is less relevant because we're always available for you anyway. There are times outside your live event, however, during which urgent support may be necessary. While we cannot guarantee an immediate response, if you include "URGENT" in the subject line, it will pass through our filters and get prioritized, and just catch our attention naturally. Save these emails for truly urgent situations, because if this is used too often without a request actually being urgent, our system will start ignoring the emails and truly urgent requests you may have will not get prioritized.

Try Basic Troubleshooting Steps

We know no one likes being told to try a different browser, the same way no one likes being asked by their internet company to turn their router off and on again. The reason we suggest trying a different browser, or even a different computer if necessary, is not because PheedLoop doesn't work, but because there's a chance there's some configuration local to your environment which we can't figure out at first glance from afar that's causing the issue. So if you're experiencing a strange issue, give some very basic troubleshooting a shot to see if you can isolate the issue to something local. It's surprising how often that ends up being the case!

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