Setting Up Live Event Support

If you've purchased live event support, you will receive a rapid level of support and assistance from our team during the hours of your event. To ensure this goes smoothly, please refer to the following pieces of information and instructions.

How Do I Book Live Event Support?

Once you have contracted and paid for your live support day(s), 2 weeks (14 days) before your event, send a request to our support team via the form below which gathers the following information:

  1. The days you are requesting live event support for, and the hours of your event (include the timezone). We need to book our team in advance, which is why this notice is important.
  2. Who from your team we can expect communication from (email address and phone numbers). We need to ensure those contacts are whitelisted in our filters and saved on file so that we know how to reach out to you ourselves if required.
  3. Any special requests you have, or things you'd like us to know about your event. This helps us be even more prepared for the specific aspects of your event.
  4. You will receive an email approving your live support 48 hours after the initial submission. Once this is confirmed, you will receive your live support information 48 hours in advance of your event.

If you do not have live event support contracted and purchased yet, please email our sales team at to get set up. The price is $450 / day during the live hours of your event.

What Can I Expect?

With live event support, you can expect responses within an average of 15 minutes (often less) to any questions you may have for us during the hours when your event is live (i.e. when you have sessions running). You will receive details for a dedicated inbox where live support inquiries are prioritized, and a dedicated phone line with an extension. Your emails and calls will go to our team which is specifically looking out for events that have been booked for live support on that day and are equipped to quickly jump into your event and better understand any issues or questions.

You can expect to receive the email and phone details within approximately 48 hours of your request.

Who Can Contact Live Event Support?

Live event support is meant for you and your event management team. Anyone from your team is more than welcome to reach out to us. Please ensure you list contacts as described above when requesting live event support.

If any of your attendees, speakers, or exhibitors have questions, please send over their questions to us along with full-screen screenshots (showing the full browser and URL). We cannot guarantee a response if your individual attendees, speakers, or exhibitors reach out to us directly.

Getting Faster Responses

While your event is live, our goal is simply to get you the best and most useful answer as fast as possible. Precious time can easily be wasted if we need to respond and ask for more information. For us to provide support if you have a product-related question, please ensure your inquiries includes:

  1. Full-screen screenshot (whole desktop, including the operating system's taskbar)
  2. URL where you're experiencing the issue
  3. As detailed a description as possible of the issue (e.g. specific session name, error code/message, etc.)

Although it may be tempting to call for every issue, we've found we're able to resolve problems significantly faster if a potential call is preceded with a detailed inquiry as it gives our team information and time to review the issue interactively.

Canceling or Changing Live Event Support

If you need to cancel, reschedule, or change other details about your live event support, please inform us 48 hours before your requested date and time. This allows us to free up the schedules of our booked representatives, and not incur any cost to you. If live support is canceled or rescheduled less than 48 hours before your requested date and time, the live event support fees for the affected dates are non-refundable or transferable to another date.

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