Setting Up the Virtual Event Photo Booth

Getting the selfie photo booth up and running for your event takes no time at all! It allows your attendees to contribute selfies directly to the event feed, which will be visible in the virtual event lobby and the physical event mobile event app - contributing to an exciting suite of hybrid event features to bring physical and virtual attendees closer together.

Quick Set-Up

  1. In your dashboard, visit Experiences > Virtual > Settings and check the option called Enable Event Feed
  2. Optionally set a custom background image for your photo booth via Experiences > Virtual > Design and upload an image (640w x 480h) to the Virtual Photo Booth Background field (if you do not set an image here, the background will default to your event's primary color)
  3. Visit your Virtual Event Portal by using the Event Portal menu in the header of your dashboard, and notice in the lobby there is a new Event Feed area with a button called Launch Photo Booth (you may need to wait a minute or so for this to show up for the first time after enabling the event feed)
  4. Click on Launch Photo Booth, ensure you have your camera enabled and have granted PheedLoop permission in your browser (accept the prompt)
  5. Position yourself in the frame, and follow the on-screen instructions to take a photo, then add a caption and post to the event feed

Moderating the Event Feed

If you'd like to remove posts from the event feed, visit Experiences > Networking > Feed to delete or hide posts (by unchecking the Approved option for any particular post).

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