Attendee Magic Login Links

Magic login links are designed to make the process of logging in for new attendees as effortless as possible. Magic login links are very similar to temporary passwords for attendees, in that they work for any attendee that has not set a custom password yet. Using the magic login link system is incredibly easy.

The magic login link system is designed to work for specific PheedLoop portals only, where attendee login is required. A primary example if you are running a virtual or hybrid event is the virtual event web app. To get started, follow the instructions in this article to create an attendee invitation email consisting of a call-to-action link and that leads to your virtual event portal (e.g. Ensure you have checked the option in the announcement called "Include Login Credentials", and that the announcement is an email announcement (not only a push notification).

You can also use the Virtual Event Welcome Email option in that article as the magic login link will be added automatically to that email, but we strongly recommend using custom announcements to allow you better control, analytics, and customization

Once an attendee receives the email based on the announcement you configured, they will notice the typical login credentials in the email body. What will be less obvious is the magic login link hidden behind the call-to-action button. Upon clicking that button, without the need to actually enter their credentials, they will be logged in automatically!

When I click on the button, I am not being logged in automatically, why not?

Although rare, there are several reasons this may be the case, consider the following:

  1. Your announcement may not be configured correctly, ensure you've selected the options to "Include Login Credentials" and "Email Notifications Enabled"
  2. The attendee may have already set a custom password after logging in once, in which case the temporary password nor the magic link will function anymore for security purposes
  3. You are currently logged into another account, in which case the magic login system will keep your currently logged in account active on-screen and not switch accounts
  4. The magic login link has expired, which may be the case if the button in the email is being clicked on at some date or time after the email was received as the magic login link and temporary passwords are reset every 2 weeks on an individual attendee basis

Do magic login links expire?

Yes, each magic login link is active for 2 weeks and then will be regenerated. The magic login link will be auto-regenerated the next time you send an announcement that is designated to include login credentials.

Can I download or access magic login links as an admin?

No, you cannot. You can, however, access an attendee's temporary password (which, again, is also only possible if they have not set a custom password of their own).

What if someone forwards the magic login link?

The magic login link will always be accompanied by the actual temporary login credentials in the body of an email. For the same common-sense reasons a cautious attendee would not forward an email containing a password, they would not forward the same email with the magic link in it. With that said, if an attendee chooses to forward an email containing a password, the button with the magic link would also be shared. No email containing magic links can ever be sent that do not contain the text-based temporary passwords as well.

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