Setting up a Photo Scavenger Hunt using Gamification

Note: Using this feature requires the Gamification Event Power-Up and the event app. Photo Scavenger is not currently available for Virtual Events.

One of the features you will get access to when purchasing our Gamification Event Power-Up is Photo Scavenger Hunt.

This feature allows you to set up photo challenges for on-site events that award points when submitted through the Mobile Event App. Alternatively, you can give a brief description and let attendees take photos that match that description.

As an administrator or team member, you have the authority to create challenges and include who can take part in them. When individuals complete these challenges, they will be rewarded with a set amount of gamification points . Posts that are not approved will not earn any points.

Once a challenge is ready to be issued, administrators can choose to notify attendees during its publication.

1. Setting Up Photo Scavenger

  1. From the Event Dashboard, navigate to Advanced > Gamification > Photo Scavenger
  2. Above the photo scavenger’s table, select Create
  3. You can fill out information in the editor form such as set the start and end dates for the duration of the Photo Scavenger Hunt and assign the amount of points this is worth
  4. Toggle on the Is Active checkbox to list the challenge as active but it will not appear on the Mobile Event App until Is Published is toggled on
  5. Toggle on the Is Published checkbox to make the challenge visible on the Mobile Event App but it will not be accessible until the Is Active checkbox is toggled on
    1. Please note attendees will receive a push notification once a Photo Scavenger Hunt challenge is made live.

Common Examples of Photo Scavenger Hunts

Examples for Photo Scavenger Hunt challenges include:

  • Take a picture with the conference logo
  • Take a picture with a fellow attendee
  • Take a picture of a session
  • Take a picture with your group

2. Participating in the Photo Scavenger Hunt as an Attendee

Attendees can access and submit posts with the PheedLoop Go! Mobile Event App.

  1. From the Mobile Event App, navigate to Gamification > Hunt > Active
  2. Select the challenge you would like to participate in from the list
  3. Select either Snap Photo or Choose Photo to enter your submission

Submissions from your account will appear under the Submitted  tab and submissions from other attendees can be found in the Discover tab. Please note, that posts pertaining to challenges will only be visible to attendees who have already completed said challenge. Submissions from others will appear blurred out until they complete the challenge themself.

3. Approving Photo Scavenger Submissions as an Admin 

Once attendees start submitting posts, you will have to approve them  for them to appear in the discover tab and for them to receive gamification points.

  1. From the Event Dashboard, navigate to Advanced > Gamification > Photo Scavenger Posts
  2. Select the post you would like to moderate from the list
  3. Toggle on the Approved checkbox and toggle off the Is Pending checkbox to make the post appear on the Mobile Event App

For more information, visit our Gamification article here.

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