Using the Attendee Report to Export Badges for Badge Codes

PheedLoop’s built in scanning features allow you to use QR codes to enable features like Lead Retrieval, Session Check-in, and more. In the case that you need a badge code to create a QR code through a printer, you can export the badge codes of all your attendees in a custom report.

It is required for you to produce badges for attendees that feature a PheedLoop QR Code. The QR code is unique to PheedLoop and is unique for each attendee.

To learn more about QR code related features - review these articles here (Session Check-In and Lead Retrieval).

You have three options to create a QR Code on the badge. 

Option A: Rush Badge Printing. Review the tutorial here. This leverages a printer and a set Avery Sheet Template that you can purchase from Business Depot.

Option B: If you are using PheedLoop's rented check-in system, then the QR code generated in the Badge Label Designer will fulfill this requirement.

Option C: If you are looking to print badges yourself, outside of PheedLoop, such as using an external printing company - then these are the instructions you must follow.

Creating a Attendee Report 

  1. From the Event Dashboard, navigate to Data & Reports > Custom Reports
  2. Above the custom reports table, select Create
  3. Under Report Type, select Attendees
  4. Under Fields, select Badge Code
    1. Badge Code is a unique code that will contain the information needed for your external printing company to use to create a QR code. This is the code that should be associated with each attendee to ensure it works with features described above.
  5. Select Save Changes

Downloading the Attendee Report

  1. From the Event Dashboard, navigate to Data & Reports > Custom Reports
  2. Select the custom report you would like to download from the list
  3. Above the custom reports table, select Actions > Generate Report
  4. Once the report is available, select Download Previous Report
    1. If this button does not appear beside the report, refresh your browser. Depending on the size of the report it may take some time to load.
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