Using the Ticket Scanner Feature in Event App

Ticket Scanning is a fantastic tool that allows you to scan and redeem a ticket during your event. This feature allows you to redeem tickets on-site at an event. It's a powerful feature that provides you the capability to mark a ticket as redeemed or not redeemed.

An important aspect of the Ticket Scanning feature is that it can be used to avoid any potential instances of fraud. By marking a ticket as redeemed, you are able to ensure no other person can use it.

Note - This is a feature that requires the on-site event check-in feature enabled. 
Note - To use this feature, you must be an event admin signed into the Event App.

1. Accessing the Ticket Scanning Feature

Make sure you are using an event administrator affiliated account when using the Ticket Scanner.

  1. From the Mobile Event App, navigate to the left hand side navigation menu
  2. Under Event Tools, select Scanner
  3. Select Ticket Scanner from the list
    1. This can be found at the top of the page with the default Session Check-In selected.
  4. Select Launch Scanner
  5. Scan the attendee QR code
  6. Select Redeem Ticket, to redeem
    1. You can also select View Attendee Profile before redeeming to double check their information.

After redeeming, you will receive a prompt with the Attendee name as well as the Ticket name as well. 

2. Accessing Tickets as An Attendee

  1. From the Mobile Event App, navigate to the left hand side navigation menu
  2. Select Tickets
  3. Present the QR code to the designated ticket scanner holder
    1. Select Search Tickets at the top to find the ticket you want to scan.

Note - Additionally, attendees can show the email or printed version of the ticket and the QR code from the Registration Confirmation email they received.

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