Using Team Based Gamification

Team based Gamification with PheedLoop is a feature that encourages collaboration between individuals to complete tasks for points for their assigned teams. Whether these teams are based on specific stakeholders or internal teams that are assigned at the event, team based gamification is just another tool to push attendee interaction at your event. 

With the Gamification team tag, this will aggregate points for all attendees assigned under the same tag. A little competition between teams drives even more engagement as the prizes could be even more rewarding, forcing teams to collaborate and participate in more functioning parts of your event!

To learn more about Gamification in greater detail, check out our article here.

1. Creating Team Based Tags

  1. From the Event Dashboard, navigate to Attendees > Tags
  2. Above the tags table, select Create
  3. Under Name, fill out the name of the gamification team
  4. Toggle on the Gamification Team Tag checkbox
  5. Select Save Changes

2. Assigning Gamification Tags to Attendees

  1. From the Event Dashboard, navigate to Attendees > Attendees
  2. Select an attendee you would like assign a gamification team tag to
    1. Or manually add an attendee by selecting Create.
  3. In the attendee editor form, navigate to Tags
  4. Under Connected Tags, select the tag assigned to team gamification
  5. Select Save Changes
Quick Tip - you can bulk assign team gamification tags from the Event Dashboard, navigate to Attendees > Attendees. Select multiple attendees and above the attendees table select Actions > Bulk Edit. Toggle on the Connected Tags checkbox and select the team gamification tag, then select Save Changes.

3. Viewing Team Gamification Leaderboards

At any point during the event (and after) attendees are able to view how their team is doing in the leaderboards against other teams. This can be accessed through the Virtual Event Portal and the Mobile Event App. 

3 (A). Viewing Team Gamification in the Virtual Portal

  1. From the Virtual Event Portal, navigate to Gamification > Teams

3 (B). Viewing Team Gamification in the Event App

  1. From the Mobile Event App, navigate to left hand side navigation menu
  2. Navigate to Gamification > Teams

4. Examples of Team Gamification

Internal Events - you can have departments competing for points (i.e. marketing vs sales vs operations)

Association Events - you can have people tagged based on regions (i.e. Ontario vs British Columbia vs Quebec)

Organization Events - you can have business against each other (i.e. Apple vs Microsoft)

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