Using Ticket Breaks

One of the features for tickets is the ability to change price when a certain quantity of tickets are added at checkout. This feature is useful when offering discounts for purchases in bulk. This also allows for the regular price of the ticket to be displayed until the customer passes the approved quantity.

Up to three different breaks can be set up for a single ticket. The price of the ticket will change as the quantities of tickets are added to the cart. For example, if a break quantity of 10 tickets are met and the charge for the break price is $15, then each ticket will now cost $15 instead of the original price. This behavior is the same for both second and third price breaks.

Adding Price Breaks

  1. From the Event Dashboard, navigate to Registration > Tickets
  2. Select the ticket you would like to adjust from the list
    1. Or create a new one by selecting Create
  3. Scroll down to Breaks
  4. Enter the Quantity of tickets to be purchased under First Break Quantity
    1. Enter the new price to be charged under First Break Price.
  5. Enter another quantity under Second Break Quantity if necessary
    1. Enter the price under Second Break Price.
  6. Enter another quantity under Third Break Quantity if necessary
    1. Enter the price under Third Break Price.
  7. Select Save Changes

Testing the Price Breaks at Checkout

We always recommend testing price breaks to ensure everything is functioning properly. During checkout, any tickets with price breaks will be listed below the ticket name. Add the quantity of tickets to the cart and the price displayed in the cart should change once the specified quantity is reached.

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