Preparing to White Label Your Mobile Event App

Please note, that an organization account is required to be used with your White Label App. Personal accounts is not compatible at this time. 

What is a White Labeled Mobile Event App?

A portion of events powered by PheedLoop (typically about 25%) are looking to maximize their organization's brand presence, so they choose to white label their mobile event app. Such an app is functionally 100% identical to a non-white-labeled event app, however, it differs primarily in design and online presence. PheedLoop Go is PheedLoop's container event app, which attendees at events regularly download from the Apple and Google app stores. If you choose to white label the event app, then attendees will search for your event or organization name in the app stores to locate the app. They will be greeted with your custom icons and graphics in the app stores, as well as a custom splash screen you provide every time they launch the event app (as opposed to the generic PheedLoop graphics). Upon logging in to the white-labeled event app, the experience will be identical to the generic PheedLoop Go experience.

Who Should White Label the Mobile Event App?

Typically events looking to maximize their sponsorship and their own organization's branding opportunities choose to go with the white-labeled option. Keep in mind that the vast majority of opportunities for branding and sponsorship exist in PheedLoop Go as well, but the option to customize the splash screen, icon, and store presence is a way to totally maximize an event's opportunities. White labeling an event app does come at a cost, and it also costs the event organizer an additional $100 - 200 per year in fees to Apple and Google to maintain their own accounts. It also requires some setup and maintenance, which is mostly handled by the PheedLoop team, but certain actions are required by the event administrator as they own the developer accounts and PheedLoop only deploys the white-labeled app to said accounts.

White Labeled Event App Versus White Labeled Organization App

If you are running one or two events with PheedLoop annually that require the mobile event app, it likely makes sense to just stick with the lower cost and most common option to go with one or more white-labeled event apps. A white-labeled event app targets only one event. It also makes sense to stick with individual white-labeled event apps if you require distinct branding for each event. A white-labeled organization app, however, can contain all the events your organization runs inside one umbrella app. This is helpful and on average costs less than white labeling many event apps. The umbrella app's graphics and branding will likely be connected to your organization's brand, and not to a specific event's.

How Long Does the Process Take?

In order to deliver your white-labeled event app on time, we require you to complete all the steps at least 4 weeks before you need the app to be available. The steps are described below.

How Much Does it Cost?

Please review all pricing information and FAQ here.

At any point, if you experience issues or have questions, please email us at

Step 1 - Set Up Your Google Developer Account

  1. Visit this link to create a developer account
  2. Once you have created your account, visit your Play Console via this link
  3. Visit your account’s settings page, and select Users & Permissions to invite a new user
  4. Set the role to Admin for the new user
  5. If you don’t have other apps running in your account, set the permissions to “Global”, otherwise launch an app in your Play Console, restart from Step 2, and select the specific app you created to limit permissions
  6. Send the invitation for the new user to

Step 2 - Set Up Your Apple Developer Account

  1. Visit this link to create an Apple ID
  2. Ensure you have a D-U-N-S number, required by Apple to create an organization account (if you do not have a D-U-N-S number, visit this link to start the process asap)
  3. Once you have your Apple ID and D-U-N-S number, visit this link to enroll as a developer (please note that you must enroll as an organization, not as an individual)
  4. Follow the on-screen process to enroll in the developer program
  5. Visit your Apple Developer console via this link
  6. Under the People section, create an invitation with admin privileges using these details:

    First Name: PheedLoop
    Last Name: Developers
  7. Visit your iTunes Connect portal via this link
  8. Click on Users and Roles, and add a new user with the same credentials as those in Step 6, and ensure the user you’ve created has been assigned the Admin role

Step 3 - Send Us Your Graphics, Text and Information

Once you've completed Steps 1 and 2, navigate to your dashboard and enter the relevant information and graphic information under Experiences > Mobile App > White Label App Builder. 

To finalize your White Label Event App Submission, please confirm your Date Expected under Confirmation and check the box for Ready for Deployment. Please note that we need at least 4 weeks of time to prepare the White Label Event App. 

  • The event URL you set up in your PheedLoop dashboard for the event being white-labeled (or your organization's code if this is for a white-labeled organization app, found on your settings page in your dashboard)
  • The name you'd like to give your white-labeled event app (we typically suggest skipping years in the name, e.g. “Marketing Summit” instead of “Marketing Summit 2023”)
  • A promotional tagline for your app, less than 100 characters
  • A description of your app or event (no limit, less than 250 characters is ideal)
  • Your app's icon (1024 × 1024 px PNG file, no alpha channel transparency)
  • Your app's splash screen (3000 × 3000 px PNG, the main content itself should fit within a square 1200 × 1200 px at the center of the image as the overall image will be cropped for different device sizes or just occupying 1/3 of screen) Download an example here.
  • Your app's banner image (Android only). This image will be visible in the details page of your android app in the app store. Recommended size: 1024 x 500 JPEG. 
  • Your apps Primary and Secondary Colours (Please share the appropriate HEX codes)
  • Your Google Play's Account Official Name
  • Your Apple Store Account Official Name
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