Setting Up Membership Bundles

Just as Attendees can register for an event, members can purchase a membership organization through PheedLoop’s organization website. To purchase, the user will need to purchase a Membership Type at checkout. For instructions on how to create membership types, please review our Getting Started with Membership Management article.

Along with Membership Types is the option to create Membership Bundles which are a collection of Membership Types that users can purchase. This minimizes the number of clicks needed to purchase several Membership Types.

To create a Membership Bundle:

  1. From the Membership Dashboard, navigate to Membership > Bundles
  2. Above the Bundles table, select Create
  3. Enter the Name and Price under their respective fields
    1. Optionally, enter a start and end date to set a time limit. Attempts to purchase the bundle after the end date will not be possible.
    2. Optionally, upload a Thumbnail as a visual for the bundle.
    3. Optionally, toggle on Protected Membership Bundle to hide the bundle at checkout. Only users who enter the registration page with the assigned URL will be able to view the bundle. This URL can be accessed by selecting the bundle in the membership dashboard and selecting Access Link under Privacy.
  1. Select Save Changes

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