Creating and Sending a Custom Form to Attendees

If you are ever looking to send out custom surveys to your attendees, our Custom Forms feature is the perfect solution. With this new and improved feature, you can have confidence that you will capture all information about the attendee upon filling out the form. In addition, filling out the form is designed to be convenient and easy to understand.

The Form Portal is great for scenarios such as sending out a post event survey form. By using the Form Link, attendees can submit their responses directly by clicking on an URL. Each form can be configured to require login before submission or disabled all together if this feature is not necessary.

Unlike with the registration process, personal information like addresses are not recorded. If this is necessary, we suggest including that information as a question in the form itself.

Step 1 - Creating your Custom Form

Before the Form Portal can be utilized, a custom form must be created. Once the custom form is created, the Form Portal will become available.

  1. From the Event Dashboard, navigate to Advanced > Custom Forms
  2. Above the Form table, select Create
    1. Alternatively, select a pre-existing form like Exhibitor Application to edit the questions that will appear there. For more information, please review our Adding and Using Category Forms in Registration article.
  3. Under Name, enter the name for your form
  4. Under Category, select General Survey
    1. If you are editing a default form, do not edit this field or it will not appear in their respective portals.
  5. Under Description, enter a description for your form
  6. Toggle on Portal Active, to active it’s respective form portal
  7. Toggle on Authentication Required to require attendees to login before they can use the form portal
    1. If Authentication Required is toggled off, then anyone can access the form portal as long as they have the designated URL. Toggling this checkbox off is useful if the event will not make use.
    2. Please note that only attendees registered to the event will be able to access the form portal.
    3. We recommend to toggle on Authentication Required to record who answered the form.
  8. Toggle on Lock Response Edits if you wish to prevent further edits once submitted
  9. Select Add Question
    1. From here you can include a variety of response types including text answers, multiple choice, and questions requiring a file to be uploaded.
  10. Select Save Changes

Step 2 - Sending Forms with Announcements

Sharing the Form Portal can be done easily as an announcement.

  1. From the Event Dashboard, navigate to Communications > Announcements
  2. Above the Announcement table, select Create
  3. Under the Description field, paste the Form Portal link along with the rest of your content
  4. Select Save Changes

Getting the Form Code from the Form Portal URL

In order to use the Form Link token, you will need to retrieve the Form Code from your Form Portal’s URL.

  1. From the Event Dashboard, navigate to Advanced > Custom Forms
  2. Select the Form you wish to edit.
  3. Above the Form table, select Actions > Portal Link
  4. Copy the Form Code from the Form Portal URL
    1. Form Codes always start with ‘FOR’ and are the final part of the URL.

Accessing the Form Link Token

  1. From the Event Dashboard, navigate to Communications > Announcements
  2. Above the Announcements table, select Create
  3. Under Description, select Insert Token
  4. Select Form Link
  5. For the Text field, edit the text to what you would like it to say
  6. For the form_code field, enter the Form Code from the Form Portal URL
  7. Select Save Changes

Your announcement will now contain a Call to Action button that will take attendees to the Form Portal once clicked.

For more information on Announcements, please review our Customizing Sending and Automating Announcements article.

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