Getting Started with the Event App

PheedLoop has recently created and updated our award winning event website module. Many of the same components from the previous website module also apply to the revised website module. This article and tutorial video will go through some critical steps on how to setup your event website in quick and easy manner.

Getting Ready and Accessing the Event App 

  1. Download the PheedLoop Go! Event App in the App Store to access and test your event app. To get the links to do this, navigate to the Event Portals on the top of your page, click into the Mobile Event App and you will see the direct link to download PheedLoop Go! for Android and iOS. 
  2. Access the Event App Landing Page - This is a public page where your attendees can be directed to conveniently download the PheedLoop Go! App. It will also contain your event's branding as well. This can be found under Event Portals and is what we recommend you share with attendees when giving access to the event app itself. The downladable shareable QR code found in the event portals will link to this page.
  3. Access the Mobile Event App Preview - Found in the Event Portals, this link will provide you with access to a usable page that features your event app. The page will mimic what the event app experience is like but on your desktop. This is good for you to use if you would like to film any tutorial videos on using the Event App.  
  4. Add Attendees to your Event App - Navigate to the Attendee tab of the dashboard in order for these attendees to get access to the event app! Even if you are an event admin, you still need to add your profile in the attendee tab here. 
  5. Send the Event App Welcome Email - To send instructions to access the event app quickly - you can do this by navigating to Attendees > Clicking into an Attendee > Blue Action Button > Send Welcome Email > Event App Welcome Email. This email can be edited in the Communications > Email Templates section. This email will contain a link to the Event App Landing page along with login credentials to access the event app.
  6. Access Temporary Passwords - PheedLoop will randomly generate a temporary password for attendees. You can view their temporary password by clicking into Attendees > Clicking into an Attendee > Clicking into the Orange Action Button > View Temporary Password.
  7. Login to the Event App - To login to the Event App - you will need to enter your email address and password. If you forgot your password, you are able to click on the Reset Password to reset and customize it. Once you've logged in, you will be able to see your event from a list. Click into the event!
  8. Update Event App Design - Navigate to General > Design and update the Primary Colour and Event Logo Assets. Secondly, navigate to Experiences > Event App > Design and you may edit the Home Banner Image and Menu Banner Image.

Understanding Default Event App Pages

PheedLoop's event app consists of default pages and custom pages for your attendees to interact with and experience during your event. Review the video above to learn about these pages and how to customize them.

  1. Re-order Pages - To reorder the navigate to Experiences > Event App > Pages and click on the Blue Action button to Re-order.
  2. Rename Pages - If you would like to rename a page, click into a Page > Edit the Page name via the Title Field. 

Understanding Event App Settings

Inviting Attendees to the Event App

Setting Up Push Notifications in the Event App

Using the Event App Meeting Booker - *Advanced Networking Upgrade Required

Using Session Check-in and Self Check-in - *On-site Check-in Upgrade Required

Setting Up Event App Gamification - *Gamification Upgrade Required

Setting Up Advanced Networking

Setting Up Live Polls & Q&A - *Audience Interaction Upgrade Required

Using the Event Feed Moderation Feature

Whitelabeling your Event App

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